Monday, May 24, 2010

The Reset Button

I'm so amazed at the way God works.
On Sunday, our air conditioning appeared to be on the fritz - not a good day considering that Sunday was when our youngest son, Zachary, graduated from high school!
Now, we'd had a party for him at church the day before so it wasn't like we had a household full of guests. But my husband's parents were here and we were all getting a little uncomfortable as we waited to head over to the football stadium for commencement ceremonies.
I tried not to worry as I wondered what this would cost. My husband, Chuck, did heating and air conditioning as an apartment maintenance man for years so he could do the labor, but what if we needed a new unit?
It was a hot day as we sat on metal bleachers in the stadium. We were proud of our son and our family yelled, clapped and cheered as he got his diploma that afternoon. We went out to a restaurant afterward, then my hubby and I headed over to a graduation party. My husband used to work with boy's parents so we really wanted to attend this celebration.
While there, the boy's dad, Vince, introduced my husband to another guest. Vince told how someone he knew was having air conditioning problems. Vince called Chuck who suggested that the guy hit the reset button on his unit.
That was all it took.
Vince figured my husband saved his other fellow about $45.
It was an easy fix.
After that I started praying that our air conditioning unit would only need an easy fix as well. We got home and my hubby crashed on the couch. He was tired. I fell asleep, too, but awoke to a miserably hot house.
Chuck woke up and then started to putter around. He'd figured out what was wrong. He'd shut off some switch for whatever reason I can't remember, but when he turned it on we started getting cool air into our house.
I love the Lord. I love how he brought us to a graduation party where a man happened to recall how Chuck had found a simple fix for someone else years ago.
I love how I was able to pray for a simple fix, which the Lord readily supplied.
And I love how God gives me the opportunity to write about these things.
Last night, I was listening to Joyce Meyer on my computer and she was talking about times when she wrote about God's blessings in journals. I think she called them "books of remembrance." She says that God also has a "book of remembrance" in which he keeps track of good things we've said about him.
I don't have a book, but I sure want to remember this experience: The day that God took a story about a reset button and turned it into a little miracle for our family.
Thank you Lord for your continuing faithfulness to us!




  1. Yay! so glad that it worked out so beautifully :)