Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Her name is Betty Boop

We have a new addition to our family.
No, our grandson hasn't yet arrived. Little Matthew David isn't due until Sept. 16 and naturally we want his mommy to go full term.
But we have a new dog.
We lost our beloved beagle, Jughead, in March and our spaniel-basset cross, Abby, a couple of weeks ago. Jughead was 13. Abby would have been 14 if she'd lived until September.
Both had tumors and died of cancer.
That's been tough.
We have our little, 10-year-old, Buzz, who's part Sheltie and part Welsh corgi.
He's a joy.
Yet the house seemed kind of empty with only one canine. It had been so long since we'd only had one dog.
That was about to change.
Yesterday, I walked in the door and was greeted by a Superball on steroids.
She's a little Boston terrier, who's about 1 1/2 to 2 years old.
My husband, Chuck, who has wanted this type of dog for more than two decades adopted her from the humane society in Omaha.
Chuck decided to name her Betty Boop and call her BeBe for short.
Or maybe it's B.B.
I personally like Betty or Boop, but since Chuck and I both have Aunt Bettys we probably shouldn't call her the former.
Now, I'm still grieving the loss of Abby. I'm starting to heal from Jughead.
I'm just beginning to warm to BeBe.
At first, I wondered if she really was a dog or if she was part kangaroo and part chipmunk. She jumps like a would-be basketball player. I took her to work and she nearly jumped up this woman's smock top!
And she snorts like a pig. (The dog, not the woman.) Sometimes, BeBe sounds like a rumbling, old car.
People get a charge out of her snorting and they seem to be taken with her friendliness.
I'm sure I'll come to love her very much.
After all, she is a dog.
And I've been a crazed dog lover since I was little.
She's a blessing from God and I know it.
Chuck got her for a great price and she just happened to be available the day he stopped in the humane society.
So, thank you Lord, for our new friend.
I have a feeling that she's going to give me a few things to write about in the future.



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